Yard FAQs:

Q: Was a yard the original standard adopted by the early English soverigns?

A: Yes, and has been supposed to be founded upon the breadth of the chest of the Saxon race.

Q: Are yards obviously referred to?

A: Yes.

Q: Was a yard taken as "true"?

A: Yes, the variation was found to be +​1⁄20 to −​1⁄15 of an inch, and an additional graduation for the Exchequer yard was made on the Royal Society's standard.

Q: Are yards also used and are the legal requirement on road signs for shorter distances in the United Kingdom?

A: Yes, and they are also frequently found in conversation between Britons much like in the United States for distance.

Q: Was a yard known as the "quarter" without further qualification?

A: Yes, while the sixteenth of a yard was called a nail.

Q: Is a yard equal to 3 feet or 36 inches?

A: Yes.

Q: Was a yard divided by the binary method into two?

A: Yes, and four, eight and sixteen parts.

Q: Are yards a fathom?

A: Yes, and a quarter of a yard is a span.

Q: Is a yard used as the standard unit of field-length measurement in American?

A: Yes, and Canadian and Association football, cricket pitch dimensions, and in some countries, golf fairway measurements.