Whistling FAQs:

Q: Is whistling the most common form in much Western music?

A: Yes.

Q: Is whistling used to express displeasure with the action or disagreement with an official's decision?

A: Yes, and like booing.

Q: Is whistling used much like applause?

A: Yes, and to express approval or appreciation for the efforts of a team or a player, such as a starting pitcher in baseball who is taken out of the game after having pitched well.

Q: Is whistling often loud and cacophonous?

A: Yes, and using finger whistling.

Q: Is whistling often used by spectators to expess either enthusiasm or disapprobation?

A: Yes.

Q: Is whistling featured in a number of television themes?

A: Yes, and such as Lassie, The Andy Griffith Show and Mark Snow's title theme for X-Files.

Q: Is whistling harder to control but achieves a piercing volume?

A: Yes.