Tiller FAQs:

Q: Is a tiller always moved in the direction opposite of which the bow of the boat is to move?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a tiller moved to port side , the bow will turn to starboard?

A: Yes, If the tiller is moved to starboard , the bow will turn port. Sailing students often learn the alliterative phrase "Tiller Towards Trouble" to remind them of how to steer.

Q: Is a tiller forward of the rudder's pivot point, and the rudder aft of it, the tiller's movement is reversed at the rudder, giving the impression that orders were given "the wrong way round"?

A: Yes, For example, to turn a ship to port , the helmsman would be given the order "starboard helm" or "x degrees starboard". The ship's tiller was then moved to starboard, turning the rudder to the vessel's port side, producing a turn to port.

Q: Was a tiller to be moved?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a tiller moved in the direction of the turn?

A: Yes, and rather than opposite the turn as on a ship.