Summer FAQs:

Q: Is a summer the hottest of the four temperate seasons?

A: Yes, and falling between spring and autumn.

Q: Is a summer traditionally associated with hot or warm weather?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a summer defined as starting at the solstice?

A: Yes, and the time of maximal insolation, or on the traditional date of June 21.

Q: Is a summer the period from the summer solstice to the autumn equinox?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a summer more generally defined as lasting from March?

A: Yes, and April, May and June, the warmest time of the year, ending with the onset of the monsoon rains.

Q: Is a summer usually a low point in television viewing?

A: Yes, and television schedules generally reflect this by not scheduling new episodes of their most popular shows between the end of May sweeps and the beginning of the television season in September, instead scheduling low-cost reality television shows and burning off commitments to already-canceled series.