Skirt FAQs:

Q: Is skirt a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist or hips and covers all or part of the legs?

A: Yes.

Q: Was skirt introduced for walking or sportswear?

A: Yes.

Q: Is skirt generally modified to result in a pencil skirt?

A: Yes, and with invisible zippers, full length two-way separating side zippers, as well as artful fabric overlays and yokes.

Q: Were skirts the Duan Qun Miao?

A: Yes, and which literally meant "short skirt Miao" in Chinese.

Q: Are skirts more commonly worn by women?

A: Yes, with some exceptions such as the izaar which is worn by Muslim cultures and the kilt which is a traditional men's garment in Scotland and Ireland.

Q: Are skirts fitted to the body at the waist or hips and fuller below?

A: Yes, and with the fullness introduced by means of darts, gores, pleats, or panels.

Q: Are skirts self-standing garments?

A: Yes, and but some skirt-looking panels may be part of another garment such as leggings, shorts, and swimsuits.

Q: Are skirts usually made of light to mid-weight fabrics?

A: Yes, and such as denim, jersey, worsted, or poplin.