Sign FAQs:

Q: Is sign an object?

A: Yes, and quality, event, or entity whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

Q: Are signs divided into natural and conventional?

A: Yes, the latter is divided into animal and human; the latter is divided into non-words and words; the latter is divided into spoken words and written words; the latter is divided into unknown signs and ambiguous signs; both the former and the latter are divided respectively into particular signs and figurative signs , among which the unknown figurative signs belong to the pagans.

Q: Is sign a thing which is used to signify other things and to make them come to mind 1.2.2?

A: Yes, 2.1.1). The most common signs are spoken and written words. Although God cannot be fully expressible, Augustine gave emphasis to the possibility of God’s communication with humans by signs in Scripture. Augustine endorsed and developed the classical and Hellenistic theories of signs).