School FAQs:

Q: Is a school an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers?

A: Yes.

Q: Are schools publicly funded elementary or secondary schools that have been freed from some of the rules?

A: Yes, and regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools.

Q: Is a school sometimes used to refer to a primary school?

A: Yes.

Q: Are schools the same, except in that they may be funded by the state, or independently funded?

A: Yes, It is unclear if "Academies", which are a hybrid between state and independently funded/controlled schools and have been introduced to England in recent years, will ever be introduced to Scotland.

Q: Were schools consolidated into multiple classroom facilities with transportation increasingly provided by kid hacks and school buses?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a school monitored by each state's Department of Education?

A: Yes.

Q: Are schools affiliated with a particular religion?

A: Yes, these are known as parochial schools.

Q: Are schools known as public schools?

A: Yes, and a usage that can be confusing to speakers of North American English.

Q: Are schools addressing through improved security?

A: Yes.

Q: Were schools in the form of Gurukuls?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a school rarely used for tertiary education?

A: Yes, and except for some upper or high schools , which describe colleges and universities.

Q: Are schools commonly organized in several different organizational models?

A: Yes, and including departmental, small learning communities, academies, integrated, and schools-within-a-school.

Q: Are schools classified as middle schools of general education and for the technical purposes include "degrees" of the education they provide out of three available: the first — primary?

A: Yes, and the second — unaccomplished secondary, and the third — accomplished secondary.

Q: Are schools publicly funded and known as state schools or maintained schools in which tuition is provided free?

A: Yes.

Q: Were schools founded during the Early Middle Ages in order to teach future clergy and administrators, with the oldest still existing, and continuously operated, cathedral schools being The King's School, Canterbury , King's School, Rochester , St Peter's School, York and Thetford Grammar School?

A: Yes, Beginning in the 5th century CE monastic schools were also established throughout Western Europe, teaching both religious and secular subjects.

Q: Is a school one that is publicly funded or run?

A: Yes.

Q: Are schools owned or funded by states?

A: Yes.

Q: Are schools organized spaces purposed for teaching and learning?

A: Yes.