Paragraph FAQs:

Q: Are paragraphs usually an expected part of formal writing?

A: Yes, and used to organize longer prose.

Q: Is a paragraph to mark a pause?

A: Yes, and setting the paragraph apart from what precedes it.

Q: Is a paragraph preceded by a title or subhead?

A: Yes, and the indent is superfluous and can therefore be omitted.

Q: Is a paragraph the last line in a column or page?

A: Yes, or when the last line of a paragraph is the first line of a new column or page.

Q: Are paragraphs commonly numbered using the decimal system?

A: Yes, where the integral part of the decimal represents the number of the chapter and the fractional parts are arranged in each chapter in order of magnitude.

Q: Are paragraphs the subject of considerable stylistic debate?

A: Yes.

Q: Are paragraphs a line break followed by an initial at the beginning of the next paragraph?

A: Yes.