Noise FAQs:

Q: Is noise sound that is not wanted by the perceiver?

A: Yes, because it is unpleasant, loud, or interferes with hearing.

Q: Is noise associated with several negative health outcomes?

A: Yes.

Q: Is noise the accumulation of all noise present in a specified environment?

A: Yes.

Q: Is noise felt subconsciously as the vibrations of the noise waves physically interact with the body while psychological noise is perceived as our conscious awareness shifts its attention to that noise?

A: Yes.

Q: Is noise any sound in the acoustic domain?

A: Yes, and either deliberate or unintended.

Q: Is noise governed by laws and standards which set maximum recommended levels of noise for specific land uses?

A: Yes, such as residential areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, or schools.

Q: Is noise most commonly discussed in terms of decibels , the measure of loudness, or intensity of a sound?

A: Yes, this measurement describes the amplitude of a sound wave.

Q: Is noise indistinguishable from sound as both are vibrations through a medium?

A: Yes, and like air or water.

Q: Is noise surface motor vehicles?

A: Yes, and aircraft, trains and industrial sources.

Q: Is noise commonly measured using A-weighting or ITU-R 468 weighting?

A: Yes.