Negligence FAQs:

Q: Is negligence that people should exercise reasonable care in their actions?

A: Yes, and by taking account of the potential harm that they might foreseeably cause to other people or property.

Q: Is negligence different in that the plaintiff must prove his loss?

A: Yes, and a particular kind of loss, to recover.

Q: Is negligence never closed""?

A: Yes, and in Dorset Yacht v Home Office it was held that the government had no immunity from suit when they negligently failed to prevent the escape of juvenile offenders who subsequently vandalise a boatyard.

Q: Is negligence 'too remote' or not a 'proximate cause' of another's harm if one would 'never' reasonably foresee it happening?

A: Yes.

Q: Was negligence too remote from the plaintiff's injury?

A: Yes.