Lubrication FAQs:

Q: Is lubrication the process or technique employed to reduce friction between?

A: Yes, and wear of one or both, surfaces in proximity and moving relative to each other, by interposing a substance called a lubricant in between them.

Q: Is lubrication also defined as that regime in which the load is carried by the surface asperities rather than by the lubricant?

A: Yes.

Q: Is lubrication when an external pressure is applied to the lubricant in the bearing?

A: Yes, and to maintain the fluid lubricant film where it would otherwise be squeezed out.

Q: Is lubrication the lubrication regime in which?

A: Yes, and through viscous forces, the load is fully supported by the lubricant within the space or gap between the parts in motion relative to one another object and solid–solid contact is avoided.

Q: Is lubrication where the motion of the contacting surfaces?

A: Yes, and the exact design of the bearing is used to pump lubricant around the bearing to maintain the lubricating film.

Q: Is lubrication required for correct operation of mechanical systems pistons?

A: Yes, and pumps, cams, bearings, turbines, cutting tools etc.