Exponentiation FAQs:

Q: Is a exponentiation used extensively in many fields?

A: Yes, and including economics, biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science, with applications such as compound interest, population growth, chemical reaction kinetics, wave behavior, and public-key cryptography.

Q: Is a exponentiation not commutative?

A: Yes.

Q: Is an exponentiation computationally inexpensive in finite fields?

A: Yes, and whereas the discrete logarithm is computationally expensive.

Q: Is an exponentiation considered as a multivalued function then the possible values of 1/2 are {1, −1}?

A: Yes, The identity holds but saying {1} = { 1/2} is wrong.

Q: Is an exponentiation repeated multiplication" can be reinterpreted as "multiplication is repeated addition""?

A: Yes, Thus, each of the laws of exponentiation above has an analogue among laws of multiplication.

Q: Is a exponentiation not associative either?

A: Yes.