Document FAQs:

Q: Is a document a written?

A: Yes, and drawn, presented, or memorialized representation of thought.

Q: Are documents also distinguished from "realia", which are three-dimensional objects that would otherwise satisfy the definition of "document" because they memorialize or represent thought?

A: Yes, documents are considered more as 2 dimensional representations.

Q: Were documents inscribed with ink on papyrus or parchment?

A: Yes, scratched as runes or carved on stone using a sharp tool, e.g., the Tablets of Stone described in the Bible; stamped or incised in clay and then baked to make clay tablets, e.g., in the Sumerian and other Mesopotamian civilizations.

Q: Was a document paper and the information was applied to it in ink, either by hand writing or by mechanical process?

A: Yes, Today, some short documents also may consist of sheets of paper stapled together.

Q: Is a document of concern?

A: Yes, and page layout is generally the responsibility of a graphic designer.

Q: Is a document within the scope of questioned document examination?

A: Yes.

Q: Are documents sometimes classified as secret?

A: Yes, and private, or public.

Q: Is a document the manner in which information is graphically arranged in the space of the document?

A: Yes, and e.g., on a page.