Container FAQs:

Q: Is a container a basic tool?

A: Yes, and consisting of any device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials.

Q: Was a container developed in the 1950s?

A: Yes, and quickly became ubiquitous.

Q: Were containers probably invented for storing food?

A: Yes, and allowing early humans to preserve more of their food for a longer time, to carry it more easily, and to protect it from other animals.

Q: Are containers "of immense importance to the evolving human populations"?

A: Yes, and "was a totally innovative behavior" not seen in other primates.

Q: Were containers probably objects found in nature such as hollow gourds?

A: Yes, and of which primitive examples have been found in cultures such as those of the Tharu people, and native Hawaiian people.

Q: Is a container protected by being inside of its structure?

A: Yes.