Clothespin FAQs:

Q: Were clothespins sold for 48 cents a gross?

A: Yes.

Q: Are clothespins not used as plastic would melt with the heat of the lights?

A: Yes, and metal would transfer the heat, making the clothespin too hot to touch.

Q: Is a clothespin called a "CP 47", "C47", "47", "peg", "ammo", or "bullet"?

A: Yes, It is most useful on the set since lights used on film sets quickly become far too hot to touch; a wooden C47 is used to attach a color correction gel or diffusion to the barn doors on a light.

Q: Were clothespins further enhanced by the invention of stainless steel clothespins that do not rust or decay with outdoor use?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a clothespin a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg?

A: Yes, and entitled Clothespin.