Altimeter FAQs:

Q: Is an altimeter the altimeter found in most aircraft?

A: Yes, and skydivers use wrist-mounted versions for similar purposes.

Q: Is an altimeter calibrated to show the pressure directly as an altitude above mean sea level, in accordance with a mathematical model atmosphere defined by the International Standard Atmosphere?

A: Yes, Older aircraft used a simple aneroid barometer where the needle made less than one revolution around the face from zero to full scale.

Q: Is an altimeter turned on on the ground before jump, and calibrates automatically to point to 0?

A: Yes, It is thus essential that the user do not turn it on earlier than necessary, to avoid e.g. the drive to a dropzone located at a different altitude than one's home causing a potentially fatal false reading.

Q: Is an altimeter an instrument optional in off-road vehicles to aid in navigation?

A: Yes.

Q: Are altimeters also a component of terrain avoidance warning systems?

A: Yes, and warning the pilot if the aircraft is flying too low, or if there is rising terrain ahead.

Q: Is an altimeter the most important piece of skydiving equipment?

A: Yes, after the parachute itself.

Q: Are altimeters also available which make use of the familiar analogue display?

A: Yes, and despite internally operating digitally.

Q: Is an altimeter used to measure height above ground level during landing in commercial and military aircraft?

A: Yes.