Spider Web FAQs:

Q: Are Spider Webs rich in vitamin K?

A: Yes, and which can be effective in clotting blood.

Q: Are Spider Webs a common image in tattoo art?

A: Yes, and often symbolizing long periods of time spent in prison, or used simply to fill gaps between other images.

Q: Were Spider Webs spun in low earth orbit in 1973 aboard Skylab?

A: Yes, and involving two female European garden spiders called Arabella and Anita, as part of an experiment on the Skylab 3 mission.

Q: Are Spider Webs often exaggerated in science fiction?

A: Yes, and often as an plot device to justify the presence of artificially giant spiders.

Q: Are Spider Webs used by the superhero Spider-Man as a method of quick transportation?

A: Yes.