Hvac FAQs:

Q: Is Hvac an important part of residential structures such as single family homes?

A: Yes, and apartment buildings, hotels and senior living facilities, medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals, on ships and submarines, and in marine environments, where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors.

Q: Is Hvac executed in individual buildings or other enclosed spaces?

A: Yes, and the equipment involved is in some cases an extension of a larger district heating or district cooling network, or a combined DHC network.

Q: Is Hvac based on inventions and discoveries made by Nikolay Lvov?

A: Yes, and Michael Faraday, Willis Carrier, Edwin Ruud, Reuben Trane, James Joule, William Rankine, Sadi Carnot, and many others.