Every URL on Law & Order


Det. Rey Curtis, checking his email in the first episode to mention ‘cyberspace’.

Thanks to a generous commission from Rhizome, I’ve been watching a lot of Law & Order. Below is a list of every URL mentioned in or shown onscreen during the show. When shown onscreen, the case of the URL is preserved (i.e.: OldBookworm.com  instead of oldbookworm.com ).

General Electric (which own NBC) sits on nearly all these domains, thought most have no content. See the link for a Whois lookup. It is worth noting that thebaronmuchhumpin.com is available, for some unbelievable reason. It appears that the domain  thebaronmuchhumpin.com was registered by someone named Ray Hughes the day after this list was posted. Sorry everyone, you missed out!

In order of appearance on the show, an * denotes the domain is owned by NBC or General Electric, its former parent company:

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Coma patient on Law & Order: Criminal Intent “answering” questions with electrodes and signs.

Computers on Law & Order – part 14

Assistant District Attorney using a laptop (season 7, episode 23, 32:43″)

Breathing machine (season 7, episode 23, 44:58″)

Computers at the police intelligence unit (season 7, episode 23, 05:19″)

More computers at the police intelligence unit (season 7, episode 23, 05:27″)

Exotic car dealer (season 8, episode 3, 15:36″)

A model’s business manager looking at financial records (season 7, episode 22, 15:34″)

Computers on Law & Order – part 13

911 dispatch (season 7, episode 21, 00:21″)

911 dispatch software (season 7, episode 21, 00:31″)

Dot-matrix printer in the background while doing audio surveillance (season 7, episode 20, 31:11″)

Computers on Law & Order – Part 11

Laptops of defense attorneys in Los Angeles courtroom (season 7, episode 16, 19:37″)

Laptops on both defense and prosecution tables, also in Los Angeles (season 7, episode 16, 33:11″)

Computers on Law & Order – Part 10

Bookkeeper looking up records, with bonus printer (season 7, episode 12, 12:50″)

Brooklyn loan provider/shark’s computer (season 7, episode 12, 24:08″)
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Life insurance clerk (season 7, episode 12, 24:08″)

A rich woman’s computer (season 7, episode 12, 14:37″)

Computer on a stockbroker’s desk (season 7, episode 11, 07:49″)

A stockbroker’s many computers (season 7, episode 11, 07:36″)

Computers on Law & Order – Part 4

Screensaver in the background (season 6, episode 11, 06:47″)

Word processor in an attorney’s office (season 6, episode 12, 27:24″)

Computer at the “Center for Handwriting Analysis” (season 6, episode 12, 32:36″)

Further Computer Use on Law & Order

Using a computer in the background (season 6, episode 2, 10:47″)

Laptop in the car – apparently with wireless internet access (season 6, episode 2, 14:41″)

Tracking an internet user while he posts live to a BBS (season 6, episode 2, 24:27″)

Looking at a BBS on a victim’s computer (season 6, episode 2, 11:13″)

Looking at tax records (season 6, episode 2, 14:49″)