Light Map of SW United States

A really lovely, slightly glitchy satellite map of lights over the southwest United States. Taken on August 31, 2000 and found buried deep in the NOAA FTP server.

Crumpled Microfilm


An amazing image via my colleague Alex Wellerstein: a muster roll for the USS Growler from 1963, crumpled up before being shot to microfilm. If I had to choose, I think I like glitched data the best.

Thanks Alex for the image (via US National Archives and Records Administration).



Totally obsessed with the idea of inpainting, used to reconstruct and remove items from images automatically. I’m especially in love with the glitchy, Predator-esque ghosting that remains.

This is very easy to accomplish with OpenCV and a few lines of code – here I’ve run this with a radius of 5px. The results are actually pretty usable, especially in busy or small areas of the image.


The very simple code to run everything:

And here’s the same input, but with a really weird, blobby, random mask:


h/t Miriam Redi

Scan Glitch

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Committee that emphasizes the proposed theme, we have put up a