Jerry Saltz’s art “Millenium Prize”

In a strange turn of events, Jerry Saltz has apparently beat me to an idea that I had over the weekend while reading about the Millenium Prize problems.  According to this ArtInfo article, Saltz has offered $10k to anyone who can prove that painting is dead.  While I don’t have a Facebook account to read the exact post, I did find this excerpt:

My esteemd friend Howard Halle says “It’s a widely held belief … that painting is dead.” Come on! No one has actually believed this since at least the Nixon administration! The ‘P. is D.’ canard is dead rhetoric, a way to keep art boxed in. Mediums don’t die until all of the problems they were invented to solve are solved. If anyone can prove that P. is D. I will give them a $10,000 ‘Jerry Saltz Tautology Prize.’

MP3 sounds better?

From the NY Times “Year in Ideas”:

In February, a music professor at Stanford, Jonathan Berger, revealed that he has found evidence that younger listeners have come to prefer lo-fi versions of rock songs to hi-fi ones. For six years, Berger played different versions of the same rock songs to his students and asked them to say which ones they liked best. Each year, more students said that they liked what they heard from MP3s better than what came from CDs. To a new generation of iPod listeners, rock music is supposed to sound lo-fi. Good enough is now better than great.