2 Replies to “Cursor Glitch Studies”

  1. Jeff, just found your blog, you have an amazing way of writing so happy to see that you’re still keep on being active after several years on this blog. I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to include more tutorials? (Raspberry Pi, OpenCV, Bots, Node, Python) Or do you maybe know more good people to follow? (besides Daniel Shiffman (who has a special place in my heart already))

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  2. Thanks Jurgis, glad it was helpful! (The Netherlands is one of my favorite places, too!) I mostly do tutorials when I learn something new and complicated, partly as notes to myself and partly for everyone else. As for other people, Daniel Shiffman definitely posts the most (his YouTube channel is quite good), but I can’t think of anyone else who regularly does tutorials. If you want more Processing stuff, you could look at some of my code samples on Github…

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