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  1. That is a work of art! Well done! Was this made simply for your own use? Different mics need different corrugations per inch density. Can the gear pairs be changed?

  2. @Curt – I didn’t make it, sadly! Just found the photo online. I bet you could make a 3D-printed one pretty easily though, maybe with a hand-roller instead of such an elaborate mechanism.

  3. Thanks Jeff. I asked as I have learned that this part of the process has a lot more science to it than meets the eye. Each mic needs a different gear set if you really want to go over the top. The number of congregations and the depth of the gear as well as the sharpness of the gear vs a rounded gear. All geeking stuff I am trying to learn. Very little is documented. I learned the most from Clarance Kane of ENAK fame. He has a filing cabinet with a lot of the original blueprints from RCA from the 1930s. I know, too much information and you are sorry you asked!

    I only asked as I thought you may have a tidbit more wisdom I could glean!

    Best wishes,

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