Long-String Guitar Documentation


Documentation of the long-string guitar, a single-string electric instrument designed using extruded aluminum beams to be completely adjustable and customizable.

Above, the bridge section, which is attached to the wall using aluminum brackets. The string is attached to an eyebolt, then across a lasercut acrylic bridge and over a humbucker pickup. The electronics include a tone knob and 1/4″ output. The pickup is not soldered to the electronics but connected with a terminal block, making it easy to swap different pickups.

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The rear of the bridge section. Additional bridge materials include aluminum and a hand-carved maple buzzing bridge, modeled on a sitar.


A detail of the bridge electronics – note the adjustable bridge and pickup brackets.


The nut section, attached to an opposite wall. The string comes across another lasercut acrylic piece, then into a standard guitar tuner.


The rear of the nut.



The bridge section as installed for performing. The string spans the room in air, activated by bow, fingers, and other instruments.


A custom-designed case for the instrument which stores the bridge and nut, rolls of guitar string, activation implements, and alternative bridge and electronics.

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