Further Text Interpolation Experiments

Some more wrangling in Processing, some new results experimenting with interpolating texts.  The problem with previous tests was that if the files aren’t the exact same length, remaining characters were simply dumped at the end of the resulting file.  While character-accurate, it isn’t really an interpolation.  Instead, this new version finds the ratio between the number of characters in the two texts.  For example:

File one = 351,155 characters
File two = 194,138 characters

This makes the ratio between the two files ~2/1.  The code reads two characters in the longer file, interpolates them, and then interpolates that result against a single character from the first file.  Two examples are below using Shakespeare’s sonnet #51 and 117.

The sonnets interpolated using a ratio-interpolation:


The text above, run through Microsoft Word’s spell-check:


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