Art & Tech: Changing Paradigms Talk

This weekend, I gave a talk at the SECAC conference in Savannah.  Organized by Belinda Haikes (West Chester Univ) and Gary Keown (SE Louisiana Univ), the panel discussed new and emerging technologies and their impact on practice and pedagogy.  A few notes/highlights:

Andrew Scott (Savannah College of Art and Design):

  • GCode represents a 3rd wave of information technology
  • 60% rule: at least 60% of work with technology should be creative/artistic concerns, rather than tech issues
  • Scale: “from the neck to the room to the city”

Jeff Micky (SE Louisiana University):

  • “We have to learn to be better tool users” – Don Collins (couldn’t find a citation for this, but a great sentiment)

Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts (independent scholars):

  • Works and exhibitions that exist online are still less accepted because we are accustomed to online content being free; without the physical object that shows labor and being singular/unique, we place less value on them
  • Mobile OS devices with data/3G connection allow for multi-location video/audio installations without needing A/V equipment

Norberto Gomez (VCU):
[ Norberto’s talk was great, and I found myself taking furious notes about artists and books that I hadn’t known much about, rather than other details ]

  • Nicholas Carr: “The World Wide Computer”
  • “The Filter Bubble” – what we see in search results is the accumulation of the results of previous searches and what we have used from those searches
  • Alexei Shulgin and Vuk Cosic: early net art
  • Forkbomb: code that executes a loop from which it can’t escape
  • Sharon Hopkins (PERL poetry)
  • Pall Thayer (instructions for making a physical drawing that display as code)

– – –

And a few thoughts from the Art & Science panel that followed:

  • Lev Manovich: action-at-a-distance (telepresent) = power
  • Davide Bowen (drawing machines)
  • Not about “useable” scientific findings but about looking where a scientist would not
  • Garfield Minus Garfield (likely should have known about this before): Garfield strips with only Jon left
  • “Diamond Age”
  • “Joy of Stats” on the BBC
  • “Programmer Reprogrammed”

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