Above: Amias MacLeod (Parklan, Florida, United States)

Our computers, and where and how we use them, is incredibly personal: we care for them like pets or lovers, cleaning them, grooming their operating systems when prompted, and increasingly taking them with us wherever we go. Similarly, the workspaces in which we use them also reflect how we work and how we interact with technology; as with any relationship, each person is unique.

For this project, a request was made on Amazon’s crowdsourced labor platform Mechanical Turk for workers (who call themselves “Turkers”) to take a photograph of their computer and include a name or alias and where they live (as vague as they wanted to be). Gathered over the course of two years, the images reveal the spaces where Jeff Bezos’ vision of “artificial-artificial-intelligence” are carried out. They starkly show the relationship between class and technology: the images we most often of the tech economy are of shiny Google offices, open floorplans, and ping-pong tables, but it is clear from these images that Turkers, along with content moderators and other invisible parts of the technologies we use every day, are carried out by real people in real places.

13joker (USA, south)
ARI (Chesapeake, VA, USA)
Alex (US, SC, Aiken)
Art (Baltimore, MD, USA)
BenBen (South Carolina)
Bizzytm (Honolulu, Hi, United States)
Bobbatron808 (Hawaii, USA)
Brad (USA, St Louis)
Cheddar (USA)
Coji (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Dee (Saint Peter, MN USA)
Dylan (Kuala Lumpur)
Erin (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
Jessica (USA, VA)
John (USA, California, Riverside)
KMB (White Sands, New Mexico, USA)
Kara W (Wilmington, North Carolina, United States of America)
KimM (Rutledge, TN USA)
Kostantin (Macedonia)
Kraig L (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
KrissyR (Indiana)
Leslie (Casselberry, Florida)
Nana2One (Nettleton)
Natasha (Atlanta, GA)
Nikki (USA,South,Grenada)
PretzelFreak (Germantown, Ohio)
Sic1337 (Bellevue, NE, USA)
T (Detroit)
Tenna (USA)
TheMouse (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Turks24 (South Carolina, USA)
Unknown-1 (Unknown)
Unknown-10 (Unknown)
Unknown-11 (Unknown)
Unknown-12 (Unknown)
Unknown-13 (Unknown)
Unknown-14 (Unknown)
Unknown-15 (Unknown)
Unknown-16 (Unknown)
Unknown-17 (Unknown)
Unknown-18 (Unknown)
Unknown-19 (Unknown)
Unknown-2 (Unknown)
Unknown-3 (Unknown)
Unknown-4 (Unknown)
Unknown-5 (Unknown)
Unknown-6 (Unknown)
Unknown-7 (Unknown)
Unknown-8 (Unknown)
Unknown-9 (Unknown)
Val (USA, PA, Pittsburgh)
WrJr (United States, South)
emilio (san diego, CA)
hurtstobreathe (Atlanta, GA United States)
jlmathis (United States, Michigan, Detroit)
kcott84 (Virginia, USA)
lambchop522 (Medford, New York)
sam (unknown)

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