"TCPDUMP" is an online performance, documenting every server my computer connects to over a period of one month. The piece is presented both as a realtime performance and, when finished, as static documentation of the last incarnation of the piece.

Named after the command-line tool used to gather the data, "TCPDUMP" is an attempt to make visible a small fraction of the human- and machine-written language that underlies our experiences online, letting us read URLs as texts instead of data. Additionally, because so many website assets are stored on cloud services run by companies like Amazon and Google, this project shows the spider-like, dispersed but corporate-controlled location of everyday web browsing. This, scattered with actual visits to specific sites, becomes a self-portrait of a month online made not of interfaces and visuals but a stream of poetic data.

Columns can be sorted for nonlinear pathways through the data; links are given to geolocation and whois lookup for each server.

Listings can be sorted by name, grouping by provider, and in order they were encountered during the month.
Includes link to a map where the server is (thought to be) located and a whois lookup.

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