Above: participants at the 2013 Games++ held at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Started in 2012 in collaboration with Alex Myers, Games++ is a free day-long game development event where participants build games from scratch over 10 hours, then put down their mice and pencils so the public can play their creations. Participants work as individuals or teams to build video-, board-, or other games from scratch

Starting at 9:00am, participants build their games from scratch based on a secret theme announced day-of (previous themes have include metamorphose and overlay). No prior planning is allowed: all games are created from start to finish in just 10 hours. At 7:00pm all work stops and the doors open to the public to play the finished projects. The public and fellow game-makers vote on awards in a variety of categories, including hardest gameplay, best sound, and best glitch.

Games++ is designed as a collaborative, communal making experience, games++ incrementally adds to the pool of amazing, experimental, unique, one-off games in the world.

Each year, Games++ has takeaway materials based on the theme, including a website, handouts, badges, and awards
Participants at the 2014 Games++ at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Ideation for various videogames
Analog and video games are both welcome at the event; day-of collaborations are encouraged

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