Projects that never became full-fledged pieces, or experiments that fall somewhere between the sketchbook and finished works.


A decidedly effed Tumblr theme. Randomly places and rotates (nearly) all page elements. Like and reblog buttons are not placed with their posts allowing for chance-based social interaction. Interface is click-and-drag for remixing the layout (easier access to hidden items). Secret keyboard modes.


A book created algorithmically using custom software written in Python and Processing. J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1954 classic The Fellowship of the Ring was loaded word-by-word then organized into a two-dimensional grid. From a random start position in the grid, the “cursor” was moved up, down, left, or right and that word added to the new text. The process was repeated until 50,000 words was reached, the length of an average novel. Random commas, periods, paragraph breaks, and chapters were added along the way. Any sentence including a variation of the words “s/he said” was placed in quotes.


A variety of Twitter bots, some still "in the wild" and others shut down, creating algorithmic writing and interaction on Twitter.

  • Art Assignment Bot
    Generates randomized art assignments and due dates every hour.
  • FAQ Generator
    A random FAQ Generator, publishing to Twitter (full index of FAQs here).
  • Suggestion Bot
    A bot that only follows accounts suggested by Twitter. Slowly but steadily conforming to Twitter's algorithm.
  • Something Of Something Bot
    {A|An|The} {singular noun} of {plural noun} + image search. Gives an interesting view into the almost absurdly rational logic of image searches.
  • Would You Rather Bot
    Creates random "would you rather?" questions once every hour.
  • Random Chord Bot
    A bot generating random guitar chords, once per hour.
  • Redaction Bot
    Randomly redacted Tweets pulled from the realtime stream.
  • Really Bot
    Responds to a random Tweet with "Really?" once per hour. Shut down by Twitter, unfortunately.
  • Internet Directory 1995
    Every website from the "Internet International Directory, published 1995 (many dead links).
  • Better Than Bot
    [Blank]s are better than [blanks]. Argument/discussion welcome.


Walk down a webpage in real units; post your results to Twitter.

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