While we usually only hear one radio station at a time, the terrestrial radio spectrum is an artificially-divided continuum, filling the air around us. This installation makes the FM spectrum physical — 95 hand-built FM radios, one for each slot in the FM band, form a 30-foot (9.15-meter) line. All of the radios play simultaneously, letting visitors hear the entire spectrum at once, or walk closely along the line to hear stations individually. The fuzz of de-tuned stations merges with the over-compressed squack of Top-40 hits.

An audio recording walking along the piece

For each city the piece is installed in, a totally different sonic experience results, depending on the number, strength, and kind of stations broadcasting in that area. As terrestrial radio increasingly gives way to streaming services, the piece will reflect these changes too.

This project was supported by a residency at Wave Farm.

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