Art Assignment Bot (@artassignbot)

A Twitter bot giving random art assignments. Completed assignments can be seen here. Has been expanded into a live, bot-run art school for Art Of Bots at Somerset House in London, organized by Abandon Normal Devices.

Internet Directory 1995 (@1995Internet)

Every website from the Internet International Directory, an amazing book of websites published in 1995 (many dead links).

Better Than (@BotBetterThan)

{Thing}s are better than {thing}s. Arguments and/or discussion welcome.

Dungeon Bot (@dungeon_bot)

Forever trapped, a bot-wanderer walks through an infinite dungeon. Poet Doug Luman wrote a really nice piece inspired by this bot.

FAQ Generator (@FAQGenerator)

A random FAQ generator, pulling questions and answers from random Wikipedia pages (full index of FAQs here).

Files Open Bot

A live performance on my personal feed, listing once per hour how many files my computer currently has open. Run for one month.

Geodetic Markers (@GeodeticMarkers)

Tweets the location of all 787,522 geodetic survey markers in the United States. Instead of GPS coordinates, the locations are listed in wonderfully detailed prose, written over the past 40 years.

Really Bot (@reallybot)

Responds to a random Tweet with "Really?" once per hour. Shut down by Twitter, unfortunately.

Redaction Bot (@TweetRedactor)

Randomly redacted Tweets pulled from the realtime stream (currently offline).

Snowthing Generator (@SnowthingGen)

Creates randomized emoji snow creatures, roaming emoji snowscapes.

Something of Something Bot (@thingofthingbot)

{A|An|The} {singular noun} of {plural noun} + image search. Gives an interesting view into the almost absurdly rational logic of image searches.

Things Flickr Knows (@FlickrThings)

Generates random lists from the 1,564 things Flickr's computer vision can identify. Built during a sprint-collaboration with Bell Labs, Cambridge.

Would You Rather Bot (@WouldRatherBot)

Creates random "would you rather?" questions once every hour.

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