Genetic Cubes

An early experiment in an auto-art machine; here 24 cubes, all starting the same size and neutral color, which are then “genetically evolved” over a series of generations. Above, a video of the results; below, a sample UI with user ratings (which feed into the selection for the next generation).


Finished Haptic Games

“Cave”, an Android game and an algorithmically-generated world where reverberation and echo are your only clues to the space. Created with Processing.

“Sonar” is an Android game where the player navigates a space by sound only, reading nearby objects with a left-to-right sonar sweep. Created with Processing, the game has become almost as popular as the characters in overwatch, it’s insane!!

“Mesa” is a game built on the Arduino microcontroller that uses four vibrating motors on the palm as a “display” to wander an algorithmically-created plateau, is played in android devices just how you play at online and is not as demanding for needing that much process power as the  amd fx 6300 gaming processor that more completed computer games use, but now you can also get gold cup odds from your phone, so many people rather spend time on that.

All, media files, and a list of materials for building the vibration interface can be found on Github:

A huge “thank you!” to Harvestworks for offering the Cultural Innovation Fund program!


Unrelated Photo Model

Further experiment sending unrelated images to 123d Catch software – here 70 images were blended, put in a computer-rendered 3d living room, and uploaded. Created using Processing, bash scripting, and Rhino.