Grid Filter: WIP


Some experiments converting images to a series of differently-sized grids. Not sure where this is headed, but I like the competing patterns and emerging forms. (Click for full size – lots more details.)

Auto-Translation of Norwegian

Google’s translation algorithms are kind of amazing, but it seems to have some trouble with Norwegian in this video. Here’s a sample from the first minute:

“Ministering from releasing also finished warnings from his dick saw why not and schloss good and what’s going on s on went who would be because the fun name didn’t know hood systemic was looking at Skynyrd immune from for their successful and move he said and ripples beings man comment what at some point hadn’t been on that phenomena height I wilson’s clear that the the docs ready to their allude to that of her ordered posts it comes to the house yes that is me…”

Turn on “closed captioning” for the entire translation.

Video Of Virus Entering Cell

Video (yes, video: recorded with two cameras and converted to the image we see here) of a virus attempting to enter a cell. A complex problem, likened in the article to trying to film something the size and speed of a hummingbird flying around in a space as large as a backyard.

Via Princeton