Diagrams from “Specification And Prelimary Design Of An Array Processor”

Fantastic diagrams from “Specification And Prelimary Design Of An Array Processor” by D.L. Slotnick and Marvin Graham, a 1975 paper describing what would have been a $10 million computer (in today’s dollars).  Below is a selection of my favorites, mostly the most abstract and wonderfully geometric ones (diagrams whose function, I admit, I mostly have no clue about).  Lots more after the break (and in the full PDF).

Via: Hackaday, download the 250+ page PDF here

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Nuclear Explosion

Strange, super-minimalistic raw film of a test nuclear explosion from 1953.  After several minutes of flickering gray and quiet ambient sound, the blast fills the screen all-white, then receeds to a silent, washed-out mushroom cloud.  This is followed nearly a minute later by a sharp, dull blast sound (since the speed of sound is much slower than light).  The video concludes with several minutes of gray clouds.

Via: Nuclear Secrecy blog

Law & Order Geometry

Still from Law & Order (season 6, episode 18, 11:14).  As an aside, doesn’t the intro to Beck’s “Where It’s At” sound a lot like the Law & Order theme?