Sub-Atomic Scale Letters


Letters drawn at sub-atomic scale by researchers Hari Manoharan, Laila Mattos, and Chris Moon – carbon monoxide atoms placed carefully on a copper substrate, whose interference patterns resolve into letters. A very cool addition: the letters S and U (for Stanford University, where the research took place) are actually encoded on top of each other.

See this NSF page for a video explaining the process in detail.

DNA Font

Font created from single strands of DNA, created by Harvard post-doc Bryan Wei, and colleagues Mingjie Dai and Peng Yin.

Via: Nature (via Alex Myers)

Horizontal/Vertical Letterform Interpolation

Yet more letterform interpolations – these done in Processing both horizontally and vertically between the letters from the standard alphabet and their counterpart in an alphabet sorted by frequency in modern text (for example, ‘a’ is interpolated with the most common letter, ‘e’).  From left to right, the original letter, both capitalized, original capitalized, frequency letter capitalized, both lowercase (ie: A/E, A/e, a/E, a/e).

[ click on image for (very large) full-sized version with all letters ]