How Many Lines of Code Did You Write This Year?

Filling out my pre-tenure paperwork (blech) I started to wonder.  I sure wasn’t going to count them by hand, so I wrote a Processig sketch bash script to find out.  Result: 208 sketches for a total of 20,944 lines or 590,670 characters!  (2010: 232 sketches, 19,786 lines, 563,083 characters; 2012 so far: 9 sketches, 879 lines, 27,533 characters)

The previous version used a Processing sketch to find the information, which seemed poetic.  However, it seems that Java doesn’t do file handling very cleanly (curse you File variable).  As I went to bed, it seemed a bash script would be much cleaner and likely faster, so I got up today and wrote one.  Sorry Windows users, this is likely Mac/Linux only.  You can still download the Processing sketch and try it yourself.