PDFs of Brightness, Sorted by Brightness


As an early experiment for a curatorial residency with the Internet Archive, I wrote some software that searches for all PDF texts on the site that contain the word “brightness” in their title or description, downloaded the files (approximately 900 PDFs), analyzed them and sorted them by overall brightness.

Above are the first pages of the brightest and darkest PDFs – a table with all the files and URLs is after the break. Download the source code here.

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Powers of Ten (Seam Sorted)

Experiment for an upcoming projection: the Eame’s famous 1968/77 film “Powers of Ten” with each frame sorted by pixel color using a modified seam carving algorithm

More Seed Sorting

Random seeds, sorted and incrementally gathering neighboring pixels – source images mostly desert landscapes seen from above.  Lots of color/detail loss from shrinking.

Seed Sorting

More pixel sorting – this time it’s getting weird. Using “seed” pixels from standard edge-detection, they grow like crystals, being sorted each step.  This image is an iteration of 100 steps from the initial seeds.