Growing Shell Forms: Progress

More progress “growing” heatsink shells – each of these is built up using successive images in Processing, then converted using Fiji (similar to how an MRI can be turned into a 3D model). They’re then cleaned up and rendered in Rhino.

The fingers will act as heatsink fins, drawing up heat. Spirals, concentric circles, and various parameters for random growth change the form.

Experimenting with sharp fins at the top.

Small Chair/Stool



Designing some small chair/stools today; will be CNC-cut from birch plywood and used in a performance with human computers.

Bead Counter Mechanism



Renderings of a lasercut bead counter. The ratchet-like cog rotates, collecting a single bead from the tube above. The bead moves to the side and drops through a hole. As the cog rotates, its prongs close a small switch, allowing for automated counting via an Arduino.

A Mug’s Shadow

Some more tweaking and fancy math (3d intersection of a plane and line) and the shadow tracing sketch in Processing seems to be working perfectly.  Shapes are drawn and capped, the file is then exported as DXF and loaded into Rhino to be scaled and exported for 3d printing.  Next (and hopefully final) step is to set up a control interface so the model can be manipulated (scale, turn on/off floorplane, etc) and exported on command.