Markov Image Remix


An experiment using a system similar to Markov chains, where each pixel value of an image is recorded along with the values of it’s neighbors. A new image is built starting from a random seed > random neighbor > new seed > etc.

Grid Remix: Fellowship Of The Ring

GridRemix_ LordOfTheRings_Cover-web

Having sequestered myself for the last week, immersed in regex and InDesign, I have finished my novel for National Novel Generation Month. Code and further details available here.

The book was created algorithmically using custom software written in Python and Processing. J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1954 classic The Fellowship of the Ring was loaded word-by-word then organized into a two-dimensional grid. From a random start position in the grid, the “cursor” was moved up, down, left, or right and that word added to the new text.

The process was repeated until 50,000 words was reached, the length of an average novel.

Random commas, periods, paragraph breaks, and chapters were added along the way. Any sentence including a variation of the words “s/he said” was placed in quotes.

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Seam Sorting

Sorting pixels along a middle “energy seam”, similar to how Photoshop’s “content-aware scaling” works, with additional glitchy goodness.  Source images (top to bottom) are: an idyllic mountainscape, a crowd of people, the face of a weird looking man, a missile launch, and sheep on a mountain hill.

Shakespeare read in columns

Shakespeare’s 116th sonnet, rewritten as columns:

Let Admit Which Or O That It Whose Love’s Within Love But If I
me impediments, alters bends no looks is worth’s not his alters bears this never
not love when with it on the unknown time’s bending not I be writ,
to is it the is tempests star although fool, sickle’s with out error nor
the not alteration remover an and to his though compass his even and no
marriage love finds, to ever is every height rosy come, brief to upon man
of remove. fixed never wandering be lips hours the me ever
true mark shaken; bark, taken and and edge proved, loved
minds cheeks weeks, of

Particularly like “unknown time’s bending not I be writ” and “true mark shaken; bark, taken and and edge proved”.