Manual Ray-Tracing

An idea for a manually ray-traced, reflective sphere:

Step 1: A large sphere made of small facets – the pole to the right would have a laser-pointer attached at the top as the “light source”

Step 2: The laser traces four lines, one from the source to each of the corners – the points that they meet the floor are noted

Step 3: The resulting square is the shadow cast by that facet; the process is repeated for each facet

Step 4: A mirror is affixed to the facet and the laser is pointed at the center, reflecting out into the room

Step 5: The spot that the reflected laser beam hits is photographed, printed, and affixed to the facet on the sphere; this process is repeated for each facet

0s and 1s > Pyramid

A lot of math today: if all the zeros and ones on my hard drive weighed 1 gram, they would form a pyramid running from the center of the Earth to a base of 6.2cm and 5.5cm respectively.  If tipped on its side, that would mean the pyramid would run from NYC to Torino, Leipzig, Berlin, Senegal, or La Paz.

Map radius calculations via: Free Map Tools