“The Fisherman’s Approach”

Sometimes I consider myself a fisherman. Computer programs and ideas are the hooks, rods, and reels. Computer pictures are the trophies and delicious meals. A fisherman does not always know what the waters will yield… Often the specific catch is a surprise.
– Clifford Pickover, “Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty” (1990)

Three New Twitter Bots


Yesterday I released three Twitter bots into the world:

  1. @wouldratherbot posts randomized “would you rather” questions, such as “Would you rather etch a hat or edit an acceptance?” and “Would you rather standardize an appellate or reject a counter?” – code for the bot here
  2. @randomchordbot generates all 40,920 chords in the first 5 frets of the guitar, one per hour (see an example at the top) – code for the bot here
  3. @artassignbot creates randomized art assignments and due dates anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 years from today, for example “Create a flipbook examining your relationship to food, due on Sat, Nov 22, 2014” and “Construct an etching examining the history of memory, due in 36 seconds” – code for the bot here

Building Your Own Tools

“We write all of our own tools, no matter what project we’re building. Pretty much anything that we’re doing requires some sort of design tool that didn’t exist before. In fact, the design tools that we write to do the projects that we’re doing are a sort of product in and of themselves. I think in reality, today, if you use the same tools as everyone else, you kind of build the same products. If you write your own tools, you can sort of see new things, design new things.”

Saul Griffith, Wired magazine

All The Words In Music

All possible words in the English language that can be formed by Western musical notes (A-G):

A: aa, ab, aba, abaca, abba, abbe, abed, accede, acceded, ace, aced, ad, adage, add, added, ae, aga, age, aged, agee

B: ba, baa, baaed, baba, babe, bacca, bad, bade, badge, baff, baffed, bag, baggage, bagged, be, bead, beaded, bed, bedad, bedded, bede, bee, beef, beefed, beg, begad, begged

C: cab, cabbage, cad, cade, cadee, cadge, cadged, caeca, cafe, caff, cage, caged, ceca, cede, ceded, cee

D: da, dab, dabbed, dace, dad, dae, daff, dag, dagaba, dagga, dagged, dead, deaf, deb, debag, debagged, decad, decade, decaff, dee, deed, deeded, def, deface, defaced, degage

E: ebb, ebbed, ecad, ecce, edge, edged, ef, eff, efface, effaced, effed, egad, egg, egged

F: fa, fab, facade, face, faced, fad, fade, faded, fadge, fadged, faff, faffed, fag, fagged, fed, fee, feed

G: gab, gabbed, gad, gadded, gade, gadge, gae, gaed, gaff, gaffe, gaffed, gag, gaga, gage, gaged, gagged, ged, gee, geed

Created using this word list (not comprehensive, but easy to find and free):

And with a rather simple Processing sketch: