Every Nokia Tune… on a supercomputer

My first supercomputing job ran yesterday: the visualization of every possible combination of the notes of the Nokia Tune ringtone… all 6,227,020,800 of them!

Run using code written in Processing (with the help of Adam Caprez and Ashu Guru at the UNL Holland Computing Center) on the Open Science Grid of supercomputers, the result is ~311,000 image files, each with 20k permutations; the above image is a scant 3k permutations.

Very excited!


Langton’s Ant

Images from an altered version of Langton’s Ant, a Turing Machine with simple rules but complex results.  Created with Processing, these images are experiments into changing the basic rules of direction (N,S,E,W).

Click on image for full-size view.

Tonewheel – Processing code v2


After some wrangling with Processing I’ve created a program that writes optical tonewheels in a variety of shapes.  However, I wanted to also be able to include recorded waveforms like optical film sound except in a circle.  The resolution needs to be high and the image scaleable, so distorting a screengrab of a waveform does not work.

Using a little patch I wrote in Max/MSP, I created a list of the average amplitude of a 10-second audio sample.  The result was 10,000 values which were translated into the image above.

Probably not perfect, but at it at least looks really great.

Download the source code (in progress) here.