Growing Shell Forms: Progress

More progress “growing” heatsink shells – each of these is built up using successive images in Processing, then converted using Fiji (similar to how an MRI can be turned into a 3D model). They’re then cleaned up and rendered in Rhino.

The fingers will act as heatsink fins, drawing up heat. Spirals, concentric circles, and various parameters for random growth change the form.

Experimenting with sharp fins at the top.

Empty Apartments: Technical Notes

UPDATE: Tech problems with the site, so it’s not working quite right. Consider this a glimpse into what is going to launch in just a few days.

This month, the curatorial collaborative project Drift Station, which I’m a part of along with Angeles Cossio, released an online project titled Empty Apartments. We pulled nearly 125,000 photographs of apartments and houses for rent on Craigslist that were completely empty because of a removal service, and presented them as an interactive online exhibition. The project took nearly two years of work, and much of it was manual (Angeles triple-checking every single image by hand to remove ones that included common spaces or non-apartments), but we also used several automated processes and machine learning to sort the photos. WHen you want to fund your business, visit this site and browse around here to learn more on how to get the best acceptable loans.

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Average Sunsets

A little project that popped into my head while waking up the other day: average sunsets using images taken on the same day, mined from Flickr.