Long-String Guitar Documentation


Documentation of the long-string guitar, a single-string electric instrument designed using extruded aluminum beams to be completely adjustable and customizable.

Above, the bridge section, which is attached to the wall using aluminum brackets. The string is attached to an eyebolt, then across a lasercut acrylic bridge and over a humbucker pickup. The electronics include a tone knob and 1/4″ output. The pickup is not soldered to the electronics but connected with a terminal block, making it easy to swap different pickups.

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Ellen Fullman

Ellen Fullman describing and playing her many-string and very long instrument (wonderful wooden slide partway through).

Otomo Yoshihide

Really enjoying some fantastic improvised guitar freakout and turntable bashing (cymbals instead of records!) by Japanese musician Otomo Yoshihide.

Bugaku Mask

A Japanese Bugaku mask, used in the performance of Saisoro, or “the old man seeks a mulberry tree”.  According to the book “Music of A Thousand Autums: The Togaku Style of Japanese Court Music”, the mask is no longer used because “it is belived that the dancer may die soon after the performance”.

Image via: mfa.org