RNG White Noise Tests



For the upcoming White Noise Boutique, I’ll be generating bespoke white noise for visitors using a variety of methods. These quick tests show that, while they sound essentially the same, different algorithms do in fact generate different white noise. For each generator, a spectrogram and frequency plot are shown for a ten-second sample. The plots were generated with Audacity.

Above: the AES_OFB algorithm from the Dieharder suite, one of two cryptographically-secure methods.



Linear congruential generator, an old-fashioned and non-secure generator.



The only “true” generator here, via the operating system’s built-in “dev/random” command, which creates random numbers from hard drive entropy.



The Threefish generator, also via the Dieharder suite and the other cryptographically-secure algorithm.

Baku: Symphony of Sirens


In 1922 in the port town of Baku in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the revolution composer, performance instigator and music journalist Arseny Avraamov (1886-1944), inspired by the poetry of Alexei Gastev, has staged his best-known creation – the Symphony of Sirens. This bruitist spectacular used the services of a huge cast of choirs joined by spectators, the foghorns of the entire Caspian flotilla, two batteries of artillery guns, a number of full infantry regiments including a machine-gun division, hydroplanes, and all the factory sirens of Baku. Conductor posted on specially built tower signaled various sound units with colored flags and pistol shots.

While I could find no recordings online, there is apparently this book with CD which you can preview here.  The above image is of Avraamov conducting the performance.

Via: Theremin Center

Revision: noticed the other day that the above CD cover looks a whole lot like the tonewheels I’ve been looking at.  Strange.