Nuclear Explosion

Strange, super-minimalistic raw film of a test nuclear explosion from 1953.  After several minutes of flickering gray and quiet ambient sound, the blast fills the screen all-white, then receeds to a silent, washed-out mushroom cloud.  This is followed nearly a minute later by a sharp, dull blast sound (since the speed of sound is much slower than light).  The video concludes with several minutes of gray clouds.

Via: Nuclear Secrecy blog


Videos of people opening boxes.

According to Wikipedia: “The oldest video on YouTube using the name “unboxing” is the opening of a boxed Nokia E61 smartphone, uploaded on June 12, 2006…  According to Google Trends, searches for the term “unboxing” began to surface in the final quarter of 2006.”

Very Long and Very Repetitive

While it appears this may be about a year late to have caught, below is a selection of very long, very repetitive videos found on YouTube (all 10 hours long – the new maximum for YouTube).  A few thoughts and extras:

  • I’m trying to think this through: it seems like these videos are a combination of meme and “fuck you” masquerading as extreme minimalism
  • The Huffington Post has their own favorites list
  • Slacktory had a challenge that anyone documenting themselves watching an entire 10-hour video would receive $100 – two people did; their video evidence is the ultimate meta-level bore
  • If you’re craving more, try TehN1ppe’s huge selection of 10-hour videos