Mars Has No Single Narrative


An image of Mount Sharp and Yellowknife Bay on Mars, created by the NY Times by combining many still images from the Curiosity Rover taken on January 27, 2103 (Sol 170). While the light in this image is amazing, more interesting is the Times’ thoughts on the rover and storytelling.

From Jonathan Corum’s notes for his talk at the Visualized conference: “…since there’s no single narrative of what the rover has been up to, I tried to pull information from multiple sources, and string that into a simple, continuous narrative.”

Dune On Mars


A dune on Mars, captured by NASA and posted on Lori Fenton’s great blog – her description of the image:

“A piece of Mars: A single dune sits on the surface of Mars, not too far from the north pole. It’s early spring, but this far north the dune is still covered in white CO2 frost (as well as a thin yellow layer of airfall dust). But the sun has done some work already: the dark spots are areas where enough frost is gone from the warm sun’s rays, revealing the lovely black sand beneath. Before long the frost will be gone and the dark dune will be fully released from its wintery blanket. (ESP_033729_2565, NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona)”