Jerry Saltz’s art “Millenium Prize”

In a strange turn of events, Jerry Saltz has apparently beat me to an idea that I had over the weekend while reading about the Millenium Prize problems.  According to this ArtInfo article, Saltz has offered $10k to anyone who can prove that painting is dead.  While I don’t have a Facebook account to read the exact post, I did find this excerpt:

My esteemd friend Howard Halle says “It’s a widely held belief … that painting is dead.” Come on! No one has actually believed this since at least the Nixon administration! The ‘P. is D.’ canard is dead rhetoric, a way to keep art boxed in. Mediums don’t die until all of the problems they were invented to solve are solved. If anyone can prove that P. is D. I will give them a $10,000 ‘Jerry Saltz Tautology Prize.’