“Sinistral & Dextral” Screenshots




Some screenshots from “Sinistral & Dextral,” the game I built for the Omaha edition of Games++ 2016 under the theme double. In the game, the player navigates a large, procedurally-generated landscape that mirrors itself at various scales (land-forms, rivers, etc mirror across the entire map; trees, rocks, and smaller objects mirror locally). Various “noise patches” populate the map, as do wandering creatures that cause the player to respawn randomly on the map.

The layout of the map, as well as all the colors, are randomized at startup.

(The title of the game refers to the scientific term for “handedness,” a kind of mirrored doubling.)

Maxwell’s Demon Game

Screenshots from the games I made yesterday for games++, the 12-hour game jam we hosted at Drift Station.

Inspired by Maxwell’s Demon, a thought-experiment with a box, separated by a wall with a hole in it and one side filled with gas.  The experiment asks the question of why does the gas “know” to go through the other hole and fill the second chamber so that it is dispersed evenly?

Written in Processing, the source code is here.